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Why Powder Coat Wheels?

Compared to liquid finishes, powder coating your car wheels has several advantages. Powder coatings are not just potentially more attractive but also offer a more durable finish that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Powder coating is the process of applying a dry paint composed of a fine powder of resin and pigment. After sandblasting your wheels to promote an even finish, this colored powder is sprayed onto them electrostatically, then they are placed into an oven to melt the powder into a uniform coating.

Tri City Wheel Repair Powder Coated WheelsThe benefits of powder coatings over liquid paints are many. The thicker layer of a powder coating lasts longer and is much more resistant to any flaking and chipping from road debris and the corrosion this can cause. While liquid paints contain solvents with volatile compounds that pollute the atmosphere with their overspray, powder coatings have no solvents and generate negligible amounts of pollution. Over-sprayed powder can even be recycled, making this process virtually waste-free and thus more economical. With an almost unlimited selection of colors and textures, powder coating is an efficient way to protect your wheels with an attractive, lasting finish.

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